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Bellflower Neighborhoods and Real EstateMany folks may be familiar with the name Bellflower and know that it’s a town in the Los Angeles, California area. Although, they may not know exactly where it is and what makes it unique. Well, it sits in the heart of many LA residential areas. In fact, Downey, Paramount, Lakewood, Cerritos and Norwalk surrounds it. Now that we know where it is, let’s take a look at Bellflower neighborhoods and real estate. That should give us a great feel for what Bellflower is all about.

Bellflower Neighborhoods and Real Estate Features

The neighborhoods and real estate in this town are nicely built out, with a well-established back drop. Homes are solidly built and range from vintage to modern. In fact, you find a healthy number of pre-war and post war homes. Also, you find a lot of these fully renovated. In addition, you find some torn down and new, elegant homes erected in their place. As a result, Bellflower neighborhoods and real estate features include a nice mix of old and new. In addition, they typically include clean streets and well-kept yards. They have a welcoming, relaxed feel.

Bellflower Neighborhoods As Seen Through Its Homes

Hands down, one of the best ways to get a good idea of just how a neighborhood measures up is to take a look at some of the homes. That said, a great example of a Bellflower suburban niche and home shows up at 9332 Greenwell Street. In fact, the home sits on a quiet cul-de-sac, with a lovely church at the end. Although, speaking of lovely, this Bellflower home for sale amounts to a perfect example of one of those fully renovated and updated vintage homes.

When you take a look at the home’s photo gallery, you’ll see just how ship shape it is, with lots of room to spare! In fact, the back bedroom just had 80 sqft added. And, check out the huge driveway and darling garage. How about the fully covered, immaculate back patio? Also, what’s not to love about the choice, modern extras and updates inside?

Well, that’s Bellflower neighborhoods and real estate features in a nutshell. Lots of appeal and pleasant surprises blend well with the old and new. It’s a place both worth visiting and calling home, with every convenience and need close at hand.

Come out and take a look. Want more details on the town, or even the Bellflower home for sale mentioned? Contact an area neighborhoods and real estate expert. Contact Terry LaRoche.


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