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Whittier Real Estate and Area Experts

September 26, 2017
Choose Whittier Real Estate Experts

Anyone familiar with the Los Angeles area likely knows where many of the best places to live turn up. Although, that’s often subject to lifestyle choices. At the same time, many of these places stand out with a unique, special appeal. A lot of folks would agree they include Whittier. In fact, the City of Whittier has a rich background [Read more]

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Bellflower Neighborhoods and Real Estate

July 31, 2017

Many folks may be familiar with the name Bellflower and know that it’s a town in the Los Angeles, California area. Although, they may not know exactly where it is and what makes it unique. Well, it sits in the heart of many LA residential areas. In fact, Downey, Paramount, Lakewood, Cerritos and Norwalk surrounds it. Now that we know [Read more]

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PROBATE – West Covina Home For Sale 443 S Myrtlewood St

May 19, 2017
West Covina Home For Sale 443 S Myrtlewood St

West Covina, California has quite a profile in residential appeal, and it shows. Neighborhoods spread out in every direction and in varying locations. In fact, they seem interrupted only by schools, shopping and service centers. As a result, this Los Angeles suburb hosts thousands of homes and supports tons of relaxed, gracious living. In addition, much of the homes were [Read more]

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Probate – West Covina Shadow Oak Park Home for Sale

April 15, 2017
West Covina Home for Sale 3501 Patricia St.

Looking for an attractive home on a corner lot, in a great neighborhood? Have the West Covina area in mind? Well, you may not need to look any further now. You just found an ideal option, in a prime residential section of West Covina. In fact, the area comes full of quiet, winding streets, green spaces, walking paths and parks. [Read more]

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Trust – Whittier Home for Sale at 10801 Loch Lomond Drive

September 14, 2016

Welcome to Whittier Home for Sale at 10801 Loch Lomond Drive! Welcome to 10801 Loch Lomond Drive, Whittier, CA 90606! Welcome to a prime, corner-lot property located just across from West Whittier Elementary. This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home includes not only a prime location but over 1,300 sqft. of living space. Also, the home has a 2 car garage [Read more]

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Experienced Luxury Real Estate Agents

August 31, 2016
Experience Luxury Real Estate Agents

Do you own a luxury home in the Los Angeles area and plan to sell? Do you want the best strategy available to get it marketed smartly? Do you want it in all the places discerning buyers look? Well, you may already know it takes a special breed of skilled professional to satisfy your needs. Anything less would not be [Read more]

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Los Angeles County Luxury Homes

July 28, 2016

Los Angeles County, California covers a widely diverse population and real estate market. Also, its real estate covers many, diverse neighborhoods and home types. Among these, expect to find luxury features in a wide variety of locations across the county. For example, some well-known areas like Hollywood Hills and Bel Air host high-end mansions and estates. Hundreds of others areas [Read more]

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Ridge Estates Walnut Home For Sale

July 18, 2016

Wow, take a look at this amazing single family home for sale in Walnut, CA! Great curb appeal and large, open floor plan lead the way to luxury features. Tons of extras include great views of hills, trees and woods. They include .61 acres of land in a quiet cul-de-sac. The home is also near an award-winning school district, as well. [Read more]

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Walnut CA Home Priced to Sell

May 1, 2016
Home Priced to Sell

There are homes and then there are homes. A beautiful, modern home in the Los Angeles area can fetch a tidy price, as many of us know. But, what if you could find a home with elegance and high-end appeal at half the price? Don’t think it’s possible? Have you ever given the Walnut, California area a look? It’s in [Read more]

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Why Now Is the Time to Buy a Home

January 31, 2016

Once you, as a home buyer are pre-qualified for a home loan, all the avenues open up, and everything leading to the home of your dreams becomes within reach. Right now could not be a better time to make this reality. Let’s look at the 5 main reasons why now is the time to buy a home. The LaRoche Team, [Read more]

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