Estate Sale Services – No Extra Cost!

The LaRoche Team offers Estate Sale Services to all of our clients. We provide a team of professionals who will appraise, document inventory, and catalog the estate’s personal property. We even advertise and host the estate sale! Upon completion of the sale, we provide a final inventory sheet containing the items sold.

Best of all, we offer estate sale services at no extra cost! Any items not sold can be donated to a charity of the Executor’s choice, and we provide a receipt for the donation!

We handle all aspects of the estate sale including:

  • Organization and complete inventory of all items
  • Set-Up for display and ease of access for reviewing
  • Pricing of each item
  • Advertising of the Sale
  • Bookkeeping, Security and Hosting the actual sale

The LaRoche Team recognizes the challenge of an estate sale and we offer extensive concierge service to assist you every step of the way. Our purpose and commitment is to serve others. We have the capacity to address all aspects and any challenge with the sale of a probate or trust property.

  • We ensure adequate staffing during the sale to protect your home
  • We present you with a check and a full accounting of items sold
  • We coordinate charitable donations and present you with a donation receipt
  • We provide you with an inventory sheet, documenting what was sold

The LaRoche Team knows there’s plenty to do as an Executor or Administrator. They want to pave the way. They want to ease the burden. Also, they want to make the journey through a probate property sale quite successful. Their complimentary probate property estate sales and housekeeping services are just one of the ways they give you the most in value. Find out more. Give them a call (562)907-9900, or email them today.