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Lakewood CA Home for Sale

Lakewood CA Home for SaleLakewood, California is primarily located between I-710 and I-605. Also, this suburb of Los Angeles sits nestled with Cerritos on its east, Carson on its West and Long Beach to its south. You could say it’s the heartland of this area in Los Angeles County. In fact, it has quite an array of middle class neighborhoods, and its homes reflect a heartfelt appeal. As a result, while Lakewood has plenty of malls and services close at hand, including a golf course and plenty of parks, a closer look shows a residential focus. Perhaps, no better example of that right now can be seen in a Lakewood CA home for sale. It sits in the heart of the ‘heartland’. Also, like a large percentage of homes in town, it was built in the 1950s and 60s. In fact, a lot of these home types were built to house a vast work force at Douglas (now Boeing) Aircraft, in that era. They typically include 3 bdrms and 2 baths. In addition, they may include a detached garage in the rear. You find these features, and more at 5850 Denmead St, Lakewood CA 90713.

Lakewood CA Home For Sale, 5850 Denmead St, Lakewood CA 90713

A single family home, 5850 Denmead St sits in a neatly arranged and established neighborhood, on a clean, quiet street. Also, the home sits quite close to a lovely park, San Martin Park. In fact, you can walk to it. Kids can even walk to Gompers K-8 Elementary school, next to the park. Nice! A number of other schools are within a brief drive. In addition, Lakewood schools are well -rated. Many fall under the Long Beach Unified School District. What’s more, crime rate in Lakewood is relatively low. An added plus!

While location makes up a major selling point of this Lakewood CA home for sale, its living space does also. And well it should. For example, viewed from the street, you see great curb appeal. Well-kept, nicely defined landscape, lush green grass, with shade trees front and back set the stage. A warm, welcoming presence in the home’s clean-cut exterior and recessed entry area make for a pleasant approach. Inside, you find 1,536 sqft of living space covering roomy living, dining and kitchen areas, plus 3 bdrms and 2 baths, 9 rooms all together.

In back of the Lakewood CA home for sale at 5850 Denmead St, you find the detached, 2-car garage, a patio area and secluded yard. It’s a lovely home, in the right neighborhood. Come see for yourself. Better yet, get full details. Contact the LaRoche Team and schedule a showing.


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