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Los Angeles Neighborhoods RegentrificationWhen it comes to older, densely populated areas, it’s often great to hear about them getting revitalized. It’s great to hear about some getting quite a ‘face lift’, as well. In fact, areas can be infused with exciting, new appeal. Then, they become the new attraction. As a result, they bring in new people. Then, those people bring new ideas and revenue. Also, in some areas of Los Angeles, while there may not be a major push for revitalization of structures, there still may be a lot of regentrification going on. Los Angeles neighborhoods regentrification can come in the form of areas mainly getting refreshed with new business. The new business, in turn brings growth.

Los Angeles Neighborhoods Regentrification Gives a New Face to Cherished Places

Venice Beach amounts to a good example of Los Angeles neighborhoods regentrification. It has a reputation for a laid back, artsy lifestyle. In fact, that’s one of the prime attractions of Venice Beach. That, besides it being by the beach and sparkling Pacific! Although, regentrification has given the town a new feel. Tech business found a foothold there and has boomed. Think Snapchat, for example. Some now even call the LA suburb, ‘Silicon Beach’. As a result, it doesn’t take much to know that something new and quite different now defines the town. Also, higher real estate prices seem to be another part of the change. But, even with a shift in profile, Venice Beach’s unique laid back, beach side back drop isn’t going away anytime soon!

Positives of Los Angeles Neighborhoods Regentrification

Another result of Los Angeles neighborhoods regentrification seems to be an improvement in conditions. With that, law enforcement has an easier task at hand. Since better neighborhoods tend to ward off gang types, for example, they get a thumbs up. Also, growth in quality real estate invites a mix of economic levels.

Some residents might not like the change in their cherished places. At the same time, it may be a change long time coming. For example, when it comes to keeping the peace, it’s a welcome change. What’s not to love about less crime? When it comes to real estate, what’s not to love about better living? In fact, when it comes to business, what’s not to love about more jobs?

Regentrification is here to stay, in many LA neighborhoods. Also, it has some people upset. Although, they might do better with a change of heart. In fact, they could advocate to preserve much of the old. At the same time, find that great balance between the old and new.

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