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Probate Real Estate AgentsAre you looking for the best help with a Los Angeles area probate property project that tops your priority list? It might just be time to turn to experts in the industry. Although, you might understandably wonder if any exist that really get probate and how everything works in that world. You might imagine probate real estate agents that do – the perfect solution. But, they haven’t materialized, or at least you don’t know yet who you can really trust with your probate property. It can be a daunting project for sure, and highly specialized help is a must.

If you are an Executor or Administrator facing the sale of a probate property, you may already feel the ‘sting’ of what to do next. You may have an attack plan, but with all the legalities and protocol to follow, you likely also have pesky personal property creating a dilemma. If that doesn’t get handled, it stands in the way of readying and successfully selling the probate real estate. That said, what if those probate real estate agents you might imagine could also take the reins on the personal property issue? What if they could do it all for you, organize, roll it out and wrap it up? What if they could do all that while handling the successful prep and sale of the real estate itself? Well, you may say it sounds to good to be true, and in many places it probably is, although, not in the Los Angeles area!

Probate Real Estate Agents That Know Their Stuff

Meet Terri and Steve LaRoche, a team of Whittier based, real estate agents. They have dealt with probate property for decades. They know exactly what to do, how to do it and how best to succeed with each unique probate project. Put simply, they are probate real estate agents that know their stuff! You can bet they know how probate works. You can bet they plan to help with any personal property issue you have. And, you just may love how they do it.

When the LaRoche team takes on a probate property project, they never do it half hardheartedly. That’s just not how they roll. They take great pride in what they do and jump at the chance to do what’s right for you. Their do it right the first time and bring their best to the table. Anything less would stain their company philosophy of Client-First, Value-Added Services. So, about that pesky personal property, they can take care of it at no extra charge, and with a smile! That includes complete inventory, appraisal and cataloging.

But, don’t take my word for probate real estate agents, Terri and Steve LaRoche. Read some of their real estate client reviews. View a stellar, LaRoche Team testimonial from out-of-state clients. That’s right. The LaRoche team handles everything, courts, legal, squatter eviction, clean up, preparation, personal property, showing and sale, even if you are from out-of-state.

Ready for some real solutions, with no messing around and exemplary customer care? Give the LaRoche team a call. (562) 907-9900.


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