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Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica CA History and Culture

Santa Monica is one of those towns many people automatically think of when they think of the Southern California coast. A lot of folks know of it due to its popularity as a surfing haunt. Also, they know of it due to its renowned beaches and oceanfronts. These have often been featured in movies and songs. But, Santa Monica CA history and culture gets even deeper and richer than all the above. With that in mind, let’s start with the name. Why Santa Monica? Since it’s Spanish, that gives us a hint. In fact, the location was given the name by the Spaniards when they first arrived on the feast day of Santa Monica. The subsequent Spanish presence in the area led to a culture fostered by them. Later, the area became imprinted by the United States’ people and culture. Today, we still enjoy many of the fruits of these two, great, cultural mixes.

Santa Monica CA History and Culture,  People and Lifestyle

In Santa Monica, you find a lot of great landmarks and attractions. Take the Looff Hippodrome (carousel), for example. In fact, it’s a National Historic Landmark. What’s more, it sits right on the Santa Monica pier. The pier itself was built in 1909. In addition, La Monica Ballroom at the pier adds to Santa Monica CA history and culture. It was once the largest ballroom in the U.S. It even hosted national New Year’s Eve network broadcasts.

Many folks may not know that the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium was not only a renowned music venue, but also hosted the Academy Awards in the 1960s. In addition, the city has a very artsy side. When it comes to that, Bergamot Station is the place to go. It includes the Santa Monica Museum of Art. When it comes to the city’s unique history, Santa Monica Heritage Museum has more than you might hope to find. But, what about the people and places behind the fanfare? What about the real catalysts of present-day, Santa Monica CA history and culture?

Now, when we start looking at the neighborhoods, we start to really get in touch with the heart and soul of the place, its people and lifestyle. So let’s take a look at Ocean Park and Ocean Avenue. Let’s take a look at Palisades Beach Road and North of Montana. These areas are quite striking and unique from one another. Also, among their Santa Monica CA real estate features, you find cozy bungalows, luxury condos and single family homes. you find lavish beach side estates and hillside mansions. The people are equally interesting. They come from a diversity of backgrounds. They come from just about every walk of Santa Monica living, working and playing.

If you really want a taste of Santa Monica CA history and culture, visit some of the attractions. Although, check out the neighborhoods. Get down with the people. For example, events like the Third Street Promenade let you do that easily. Don’t stay on the outside looking in. Blend with the great people and lifestyle.


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