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Venice CA Neighborhoods, Beach Front

Santa Monica Living, Working and PlayingMany of us know Santa Monica by its many great attractions. We know it’s been featured in movies, music and the world of surfing. Its popularity is a part of its fabric. Yet, with all the notoriety, Santa Monica has another prime side often overlooked. It’s simply a great place to live, work and play! In fact, this could be its finest feature. Mindful of that, let’s focus on what the town has to offer in the most important thing of all we do, everyday living. Let’s examine Santa Monica living, working and playing. Let’s see if we can do that through the eyes of folks that call it home and those that would like to do the same.

Everyday Santa Monica Living, Working and Playing

Every beach town has its own, unique vibe. That vibe usually includes great weather. Santa Monica is no exception. Everyday living, working and playing there means being included in the special vibe. Although, it also means being a part of quite a vibrant, bustling economy and Santa Monica CA real estate scene. It means being in one of the best locations with respect to the Los Angeles area.

You’ll find everyday Santa Monica living, working and playing by the Santa Monica Bay. You’ll find it embraced by the City of Los Angeles. For example, it has the towns of Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, West Los Angeles, Mar Vista and Venice around it. Nice situation, location-wise right?!

Now, inside Santa Monica, you find lots of perks in location, besides the beach and famous pier. For the skateboard and surfing buffs, you have Ocean Park, or Dogtown as it’s known to some. Although, Ocean Park has even more going for itself. It’s one of the prime Santa Monica neighborhoods.

Living, Working and Playing in Santa Monica Neighborhoods

The Ocean Park neighborhood has a mix of older, smaller homes, larger beach homes, condos and apartments. Also, its has a great locale, in the southwest corner of town. It’s even got its own vibe. It’s upscale, beachy and artsy. What’s more, it straddles Main Street’s shops and eateries.

More Santa Monica neighborhoods host enhanced, everyday Santa Monica living, working and playing. They include Sunset Park. You find it south of Pico Blvd. It’s also east of Lincoln Blvd. and west of Santa Monica airport. It comes with a nice mix of homes. You find pre-war, war-era, traditional and modern style homes in Sunset Park real estate.

usa-965842_640Ocean Avenue brings us the beach neighborhood, near Palisades Park. As you might expect, some of the most elegant, high end condos fill the scene on that stretch. Below Palisades Beach Rd., opulent beach side estates fill the oceanic scene.

North of Montana is another of the many, Santa Monica neighborhoods with great, upscale appeal. In fact, it hosts some of the most beautiful homes around Los Angeles. North of Montana Ave., its real estate covers a great mix of homes. Some are original, older ones. Others are remodeled. Still others are new, fully rebuilt homes. Some of them include as much as 5,000 + sqft.

While they may not get the same level of renown as the town, itself, Santa Monica neighborhoods get rave reviews. They get them from everyday people, for everyday, Santa Monica living, working and playing. I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan too!


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