Out-of-State Communication Services

The LaRoche Team’s Out-of-State communication services are vital, as we tailor our company to remedy the challenges that an out-of-state client can face. With 80% of our clients residing Out-of-State and Out-of-Area, the LaRoche Team understands the importance of communication and keeping our clients up to date on the progress of their property. In addition to emails and phone calls, we utilize resources like DocuSign, which makes signing documents quick and simple, and Brivity, a program that sends updates on the progress of the sale. These are just two of the many systems our team uses to provide constant communication and peace of mind, every step of the way.

With emails, texts, or phone calls, we are proficient communicators, keen on keeping our clients up to date, no matter where they are.

Brivity—Keeping You Informed, Every Step of the Way

  • Online system that provides information about the property, including the schedule of open houses, online marketing locations, the property’s custom website and market feedback from buyers & agents
  • Daily emails are sent with a list of previously completed tasks and upcoming activities and events
  • Brivity is simple to use and easy to access

DocuSign—Making Signatures Simple

  • Digital transaction management system that allows documents to be signed anytime, anywhere, on any device, securely and with confidence
  • Saves time by sending, signing and managing documents digitally
  • We provide this trusted system to our clients to make every approval digital and every transaction seamless

FedEx—Overnight Solutions

  • Pre-paid return postage and overnight delivery
  • Overnight access to important documents
  • Reliable, quick and comfortable
  • As an added convenience, we provide this service at no additional cost to our clients

We strive for all of our clients, regardless of their location, to have complete peace of mind, every step of the way. We give you every update as if you are right next to us, and provide the real estate service and communication you deserve at every level. View our Client Reviews to see how our Out-of-State communication services has helped Executors, Administrators and those with Probate responsibilities.