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Venice CA Real Estate Markets

Venice CA Features and Real Estate MarketsWhat can you say about the city of Venice, California? If you ask me, plenty. It’s all good. Venice is one of those unique places with a timeless appeal, and famed back drop. Like Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades, its neighbors to the north, it played a part in the rising surfing culture that swept Southern California. That culture still forms a layer of the area’s ambiance. Although, there is much more to Venice! From the beautiful white sands of Venice Beach, to quiet neighborhoods, let’s take a closer look now. Let’s drill down into Venice CA features and real estate markets. That’s where we’ll get the best perspective on the place and the people who make it so interesting.

Unique Venice CA Features and Real Estate Markets

Venice has a gorgeous, extensive beach area and boardwalk. It has a recreation center at the beach with outdoor sports courts galore. Basketball anyone? Tennis? Also, bicycling and skating are popular at the beach side. In fact, Venice is right next door to Ocean Park, an area known for leisure skating activity. Although, Venice Skate Park, right on the beach steals much of the attention and show in that category.

When it comes to Venice CA features and real estate markets in particular, you find a heavy commercial presence, with lots of businesses near the beach. Restaurants, bike rentals, you name it, business activity bustles. You find some homes in the mix, including apartments, condos and single family. Lots of them have great views of the shore. In fact, the boardwalk and beach are just a stone’s throw away, nice!

Venice has some canals. Grand Canal makes up the main one. It branches off into several others. In fact, a built out area of homes thrives by the canals. Many residents keep small, non-motorized boats at their canal’s edge. Sidewalks on each side of the canals make it easy to access them and enjoy their beauty. Many homes near the canals are large and custom. Others have a cozier, well-established feel.

More Residential Venice CA Features and Real Estate Markets

Past Abbot Kinney Blvd., you’ll find another large residential area called Oakwood. Its continues with a laid back, yet engaging back drop. Lots of well-established single and multi-family homes, on tree-lined streets greet you. Custom and remodeled homes do the same. Oakwood Recreation Center adds to the engaging features. You’ll find It has indoor and outdoor sports courts, a play area and provides for field sports. In addition, past Lincoln Ave. to the east, you’ll find Penmar Recreation Center and lush-green Penmar Golf Course.

There’s lots to do in Venice, with many totally unique options for living the good life! You find a great mix of home styles – classic, bungalow, mid-century, modern and custom. Likewise, you find an equally great mix of people. They know Venice is not just a great place to visit. It’s a great place to live, work and play. Would you like to know more about Venice CA features and real estate markets, homes and neighborhoods? Get insider details and tips. Talk to an area expert today.


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