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West Covina Home For Sale 443 S Myrtlewood St

West Covina, California has quite a profile in residential appeal, and it shows. Neighborhoods spread out in every direction and in varying locations. In fact, they seem interrupted only by schools, shopping and service centers. As a result, this Los Angeles suburb hosts thousands of homes and supports tons of relaxed, gracious living. In addition, much of the homes were built for just such a lifestyle early on. For example, lots of them came into being during the post WWII, construction rush. These well-built, lovely homes still maintain their sturdy, simple elegance today. In fact, you find a fine example of that in a probate – West Covina home for sale 443 S Myrtlewood St, West Covina CA. It has a roomy, single family floor plan, in 1,378 sqft of living space. A detached garage sits in back. In the front, a well-kept yard and cozy front porch set a welcoming tone.

Probate – West Covina Home For Sale 443 S Myrtlewood St, West Covina CA

West Covina Home For Sale 443 S Myrtlewood StInside 443 S Myrtlewood St, you find bay windows and a handsome brick fireplace offsetting the living area. The charming dining and kitchen sections add plenty more features in appeal, including ample cabinet space. Further inside, you find 2 baths, and 2 roomy bdrms. These sit nicely offset from the living, kitchen and dining areas.

In the back, you find a large, fenced yard and a generous, nicely laid out patio area. Access is easy from the back door. It aligns with the patio. In fact, from parking in the garage, the back entry makes for the quickest access.

The West Covina Home for sale at 443 S Myrtlewood St has many more features worth talking about. Although, it’s best to come see for yourself and find out what they are. As a result, inquiries about 443 S Myrtlewood St, West Covina should be made through Terri LaRoche, the listing broker. You can email or give her a call, Direct: (310) 980-4277. Let her answer your questions. In addition, you can promptly set up a showing through Terri.


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