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Whittier Homes and Neighborhoods - Greenway

Whittier Homes and NeighborhoodsWhittier, California has quite a history that’s well worth knowing. In fact, its roots can be traced nicely through the angle of real estate. You don’t have to look far to get those details. Just read our previous blog, history of Whittier real estate. With a real solid base on Whittier’s roots, you can cast that clear point of view on the present-day facets of this popular town, as we do at the LaRoche Team. Now follow along with us as we take you on a tour of Whittier homes and neighborhoods, in the Los Angeles County real estate market we proudly serve.

Whittier Homes and Neighborhoods In Los Angeles County Real Estate

Guilford Hall Whittier Historic HomesWe want to make mention of a special, historic side of Whittier real estate before continuing. It’s about the grand old home, Guilford Hall. It was scheduled for demolition. Public outcry brought about a change in plan. As a result, historic Guilford Hall was preserved. Read the inspiring story of Guilford Hall and Whittier Historic homes.

Whittier homes and neighborhoods sprang up on a limited basis in the early 1900s. Earlham was the notable area at the time. It covered Whittier College and homes for the college staff. These vintage homes still make up much of the area today. In fact, Whittier historic districts and their charming homes show up in Hadley/Greenleaf District, Central Park District and College Hills District.

After the war, Whittier homes and neighborhoods took off. Dozens of new subdivisions spread out from the older area. Of course, as time passed, home types, styles and options grew. Gracious living features burgeoned. Today, you find lots of great niches with fine homes. For example, in East Whittier real estate, Friendly Hills Country Club homes have major appeal. In addition, Friendly Hills has a lush golf course. Other, top notch niches in East Whittier include Arroyo Pescadero.

Spyglass, Sycamore CanyonWhittier homes and neighborhoods are lifted by a number of natural and enhanced features. Take the Whittier Greenway Trail, for example. Thousands enjoy its beauty and engaging features yearly. Also, Arroyo Pescadero Trail and Turnbull Canyon on the east side provide a vivid, natural back drop. Sycamore Canyon does the same. It’s further north. You find premier, hilltop home markets like Spyglass Whittier real estate edging it. In fact, many homes in Spyglass provide stunning views of the natural back drop.

Closer to town, you find delightful, gated enclaves like Murphy Hill. It hosts upscale townhomes. It’s even within walking distance of Whittier College. Also, you find Uptown Whittier, with its parks, restaurants, shops and night life quite close by. Murphy Hill townhomes come on the market sometimes. In fact, we sold one last year. Take a look at the Whittier Murphy Hill Townhome for sale at the time. You get an idea of what to expect from this secluded, in town enclave.

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